DJ Darius

DJ Darius
He started to play in the early 2004′s when he buyed his first vinyls. After a while he got more into techno music and it′s subgeners, especially tribal-techno and it′s very rhythmic baseline. Evan now he′s still keeping this line as dj or as promoter of techno-parties.

Favourite genres: Tribal-Techno/Funky-Techno/Minimal-Techno/Tech-House/

He played together with well known djs like: Dj Rush(Kne′Deep - Chicago - USA), Valentino Kanzyani(Recycled Loops - Slovenia), Voy Larkin(Techno Experience - Koln - Germany), Dj Budai(Budapest), Cris Vajon(Mayday - Budapest), etc.

Favourite djs: Jeff Mills, Umek, Dj Rush, Cristian Varela, etc.

Favourite producers: Frank Biazzi, Axel Karakasis, Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Mark Williams, Spiors Kaloumenos, etc.

In the early 2005′s Darius formed the organisation called "Electro Community Bistrita /E.C.B" that helped his home-city Bistrita to evolve in the musical culture. In the same time Darius organised and promoted parties in clubs like Club Metropolis , Club Baby Blue, Club Jaise, Club Ambasador and Club Deja Vu.

Lately Darius has focused his creativity in the production work, building his own music in his studio, being ready to provide good quality techno music.


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