• SKL081 : Roberth - Into the Valley ep

    SKL081 : Roberth - Into the Valley ep

    Latest release on skills records by Roberth
    Incl remixes by A.L.C.A. & Horace Dan D.
    Roberth has been in the techno industry since 200...

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  • SKL076: Horace Dan D. - Kalusharii Noi (remixes) ep

    SKL076: Horace Dan D. - Kalusharii Noi (remixes) ep

    The new Skills release presents two remixes of the Horace Dan D.?s track "Kalusharii Noi". We?re talking about two very good techno remixers...

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  • SKL073: Remixed - Chapter Two

    SKL073: Remixed - Chapter Two

    The three young talented artists Reaper, Roberth & Allexandru DM that gathered to remix "the Cube" track on "Remixed - Chapter One"...

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  • SKL071: Remixed - Chapter One

    SKL071: Remixed - Chapter One

    We are back with a new release! Remixed - Chapter One is signed by Reaper, Roberth and Allexandru DM. The original track (The Cube) belongs to Robbie ...

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  • SKL070: Best of 2014

    SKL070: Best of 2014

    Our new compilation is out now on Beatport!!

    Including tracks signed by Horace Dan D. , Miss Ingrid, Reaper, Mario Lauriano , Blanilla ...

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  • SKL066: Roberth - Hope ep

    SKL066: Roberth - Hope ep

    A new talented guy is about to join our label. For now he is showing his talent in his first release named "Hope". Horace Dan D. also supports Roberth and his release with a remix made by him.

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