The Model

The Model
Vampires are cool. Bram Stoker′s Dracula put them on the map a while ago and the stories are still fascinating. However, when it comes to vampire funk and music,
I would much rather trust somebody who was actually born in Transylvania.
Introducing The Model: born in a small sleepy town dating back to the 13th century in the heart of the legendary province, he can boast a string of successful releases under his belt for some of the world′s hottest labels – International Deejay Gigolos Berlin, Crosstown Rebels, Underl_ne, London and Traum Schallplatten, Cologne. I suspect you don′t need to know about how he′s been devoting himself to his production over the past few years – because the proof is out there. He has opened the anniversary 10 Years Gigolo stage at the famous Klubbers Day 2007 festival in Madrid, alongside DJ Hell, Fischerspooner and The Presets; he rocked on Gigolo Nights in Stuttgart, Berlin
and Munich, played all over Germany, from Hannover to Cologne; he headlined parties in Rome, Vienna, Amsterdam and Siberia, killed it at the legendary Tresor,
Berlin. He even opened for Moby.
I am tempted to use big words and flashy formulas in describing his sound, but I choose not to. Not because he wouldn′t deserve them - he surely does, but I feel you
will best understand his philosophy while listening to his vital mixing on the dancefloor.
Only there will his true energy be revealed.
He is one of those DJ′s who can turn the vibe of a party with the very first track. Your average DJ, he certainly isn′t. This is the sound for people who know what they want and who know where they′re going. The sound for people who aren′t afraid to do
something different. The sound for people who lead. Set against a backdrop of refined charm, there′s an underbelly of something dark and brutal that runs through
everything he does. Put it this way: The Model ain′t for chilling. As anyone who′s seen him DJ will certainly attest.
His production is truly eclectic: he has even produced a soundtrack project for the famous Foundation series of sci-fi books, written by Isaac Asimov.
His track selection is as solid as it is surprising: he blends industrial techno with 80′s sounds effortlessly, perfectly understandable given he is an avid collector of tapes and records ranging from hip-hop to death-metal and techno, since 1990.


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