Rashah Petrovici

Rashah Petrovici
Rashah Petrovici became one of the most known artists from Republic of Moldova in Europe in last few years, bringing a very fresh view of house and techno music in his live performances or dj sets. In some way he started and grew up near the transilvanian Skills Records family,since his debut that took place at the end of 2004 in Cluj Napoca with Zino and Filipash and his later performances at DelaHoya Festival 2006/2007/2011,also at Romanian Electornic Festival 2007,GrandMasterDj 2006(Moldova), until his first digital releases on Skills Records in 2010. In 2007,after almost 3 years of playing at various events in Romania and Moldova, Rashah changed his residency to Barcelona(Spain) and continued his music journey that materialized in his first digital releases on Kaufe Music( Germany)(2008) with the help and colaboration of Markus Ferdinand ( M.in) and a few remixes for Ciprian Lemnaru released on No Border Recordings( Germany) and Progressive Grooves Records( Canada). In 2010 After being lost a few years in the Spanish and Portuguese nightlife and studio work, Rashah got back in the digital market with releases on Skills Records, followed by other colaborations with Moog Conspiracy and releases on CutOFF Recordings( Barcelona) and became a usual face to see behind the turntables in the North of Spain. We can only describe his sets , like he told us one day, as ´´some kind of raw, chicago tech housey tribalominimalo boogie boogie ´´. Rashah was always a controversial character in the underground clubbing scene. Actually we don´t know were he exactly lives in Spain as he changes his adress every few months, for us he is just a humble voyager full of surprises that shares his own vision about music doing it a very tasty, bass heavy, dance floor orientated manner.


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