Dj/Producer Roberth, with the real name Osorhean Robert, had his first contact with the electronic music at the age of 14 listening to a broadcasting station where Romanian artists played electronic music. Subsequently he began to understand in detail the techno industry with an incredible passion. The next steps for him were to increase his knowledge and to develope his skills needed to fulfil his dream. Very sure of what he wants, he began to buy musical equipment to develop his talent by himself. By the age of 20 he started to play music and 4 years later to produce his own tracks. The talented young man with a true passion innate for music, and a lot of creativity for his sets, he met one of the pioneers of techno music in Romania, Horace Dan D. This collaboration results by releasing his first project in Roberth’s career at Skills Rec. label.
Since then he also produced other tracks that were released on labels like TechnoTransformers, Bis Zum Zum Sounds, Techno Szene Reocrds, Techno Materials and Skills Records.
In the year 2014 he played at Delahoya’s 18’th edition Festival in Romania.
Roberth’s set up is bassed on 2 turntables with digital device to creat an even more active and impressive set-up.
His music style is pure techno sound.


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